Link building serves a significant purpose in SEO. A link to your site can be a double-edged sword: it will boost your rank in SERP and bring you more business.

Of course, not all links are created equal, and there are many ways to get them. This blog post will explore what SEO link building is and how you can use it effectively to improve your rankings on search engines like Google.
What is SEO Links Building?

SEO link building refers to the process of developing links that point to your website from other websites. It’s a primary aspect of search engine optimization, and as a result, businesses need to understand how they can engage in effective link building.
Some link-building strategies include content marketing, public relations, email outreach, building valuable tools, and broken link building.

Why are Links Important?

The development of quality backlinks can help create a positive reputation for your business on the web, which also helps increase organic traffic to your site.
Additionally, this strategy will make you more visible and credible hence easier for you to convert targeted customers into actual clients.

What is a High-Quality Link and How to Build It?

A high-quality link is relevant to your products or services, has a high page ranking, and comes from a site with quality content. You should focus on building links from websites that have the same purpose as yours. To create these types of links, you can need to consider the following:

Authority of The Page

The page has to link to your PageRank powerhouse sites. If it does so, you can be sure that the link will improve your PageRank and add traffic with each visit. Several tests show that authority of the page linking has more impact compared to other factors.

That is because links from authoritative pages have more credibility. Therefore, if you link from a renowned site, you are on the safer side; links from it will positively affect your PageRank and traffic.
Ahrefs allows you to check the proxy indicator of PageRank. To do this, you need to feed the URL into Ahrefs and evaluate its rating.

Authority of The Site

Domains’ site wide authority determines the quality of a link. Links from authoritative sites have more impact than links from sites with little authority or page rank. It can be challenging to get the links, but they are very significant.
You need to use Ahrefs to check the domain rating of a particular site. Additionally, you can apply Moz’s respected Domain Authority or MozRank to your links.

Relevancy of The Site

The relevance of a site is also very crucial in link building. The site’s content should be related to your website.
Position of The Link On the Page

The position of the link on a page is also significant. You can position the link either in the header or footer of the page. You should place the links between paragraphs with an image in them. That makes search engines recognize your website as an article directory website, and many content websites serve this purpose. But if you are building an average website, then you can place links on the page.

Confirm If the Link is Editorially Placed

When a person links to you since they saw that your site is impressive, then that means it’s an editorial link. On the other hand, non-editorial links occurs when a person comes up with a profile on any site and drops their link. It’s worth noting that google highly rates editorially placed links.

Link Anchor Text

Anchor texts refer to the clickable text inside a link. Links with relevant & optimized anchor texts help improve search engine rankings, gaining higher traffic & conversions, along with improving your overall online presence.
Google and other search engines now analyze the anchor texts of your backlinks, images, videos, etc., to determine what kind of content you are providing, how useful it is for users & how relevant it is about a particular keyword or subject.

Link Co-occurrences

Link co-occurrences refer to how often a set of words occurs together within some text corpus. You can use co-occurrences to create relationships or links between documents, thereby allowing you to use them as features for ranking purposes.
For example, if the word “seo” appears just after the word “affiliate marketing” with a high frequency in an article about affiliate marketing, then we could conclude that there is also a relationship between the two documents.

Guest Post Links

If you publish a high-quality guest post on an authoritative site, then the link will increase your ranking. However, Google can declare some guest post spams when:
The site doesn’t relate to yours
A third person is paid to publish the post
The posts are similar to the anchor text
The sites main aim is to publish guest posts
How to Get High-Quality Links with Content Marketing?
Quality links are the key to a successful content marketing campaign. Without them, you’ll struggle for success in search engine rankings and social media shares.
The right way to go about getting high-quality links is with content marketing. Below are the types of content marketing strategies that lead to high quality links

Visual Assets
Visual assets refer to using images, charts, illustrations, and videos in the content. They can be effective in attracting readers’ attention and keep them engaged with your articles. Besides that, they can increase the time spent on a page.

Significance of Visual Assets
A visual asset can get you more links from other sites. Unlike long texts, it is easier to share pictures and graphics on social media. Different people can share them, which means that you can increase the chances of getting backlinks to your site.

List Posts
List posts refer to the most recent content that you have published on your blog or website such as tips, reasons, techniques, myths etc.

Why it works
List posts prove to generate more backlinks than several other content formats such as videos, infographics, and quizzes. And the more backlinks you have, the higher ranking your content will be in the search engine.

Original Data and Research
Original data and research refer to the content highlighting new data from surveys, industry studies, and research.

Why it works
Original data and research are some of the best ways to generate high-quality backlinks. The moment a person cites your data, they automatically link to you, thus generates more links.

In-Depth Ultimate Guides
An ultimate in-depth guide refers to resources that outlines everything a person needs to know on a particular topic.

Why it Works
Guides cover all the information a person needs to know on a given topic; thus, most people use the guide as the resource for the topic.

How to Use Email Outreach to Create Powerful Links?
When you are trying to build links for your website, email outreach is one of the best ways to do it. It’s more simple than cold calling, and it can net you some compelling links if done right.

However, the email may end up in the spam folder; thus, the recipients would hardly see them. Well, here are the strategies to use to prevent that.

Select Likely Linkers
Likely linkers refer to the people who have a high chance of linking to you. The easiest way to identify likely linkers is through reverse engineering. To use reverse engineering, you need to apply the Ahrefs tool, then note the URL of the first result and feed it into a link analysis tool. After that click on the backlinks in the sidebar.

Look for The Email Addresses
The second step is to search for the email address of the likely linkers you have selected. You can use to reach out to one-person blogs or small sites. You only need to enter the site into the tool, and it will automatically display the email addresses related to the domain.

However, if you intend to reach an individual who can add up your link to their page, you should use To use it, you need to insert the person’s name and their respective domain, and it will show you the person’s email address.

Send a Customized Script
After getting their email address, you need to create a personalized script and send it to the person. You should include a description of your company, what you do, and why it’s relevant for them. Mention any mutual connections between your site and theirs and also highlight how fabulous their blog is.

SEO Link Building is a strategy that has proven to be effective for increasing the search engines ranking of websites, blogs, and online profiles. In a world where Google owns nearly 90% of the search engine market share, SEO is more important than ever. The best way to leverage this power is by building links from other websites to your site through an effective link-building strategy. We can help you do that! Let us know if you’re interested in learning about our affordable and powerful SEO service packages today!